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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Ramon dekkers incontri

He would actually try to kick through his opponent. He would crack guys open time after time. But this presented a new problem for Ramon. Rather ramon dekkers incontri to try and shoot it out with his opponent in the middle of the ring, he had to drive them to the corner and to finish them off with his punches and kicks. This man is respected around the world, except in North America where he is a well-kept secret! He is relatively unknown except by the Muay Thai fans. During his era there was nobody in North America who could beat this man, but the American Martial Arts media turned a blind eye to Muay Thai and concentrated on Full Contact Rules competition or Kickboxing competition. Dekkers is respected in Thailand but there has been not a single North American fighter who was that respected in Thailand siti seri per incontri seri a similar manner. Ramon dekkers incontri the fluff that you read in magazines about fighters like Benny Urquidez meaning anything in Thailand. That is straight PR by their management and it is not the truth.

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Logical Fella C , May 3, In the rematch, Dekkers won in highlight worthy fashion via devastating knockout. He needed that because some of his opponents were so afraid of him that they ran away. If the truth is accepted, then you can build from there and eventually reach the level of the true best. Chalermchai Birma Decision Unanimous 5 3: In the beginning it was very hard. Pubblicato da dimo a 2. As a matter of fact, kickboxing to most parts of the world is now known almost exclusively as Muay Thai. LZD , May 3, Apr 15, Messages: Per il suo modo di combattere aggressivo,testa a testa,senza mai indietreggiare,gode molto rispetto in Thailandia.

Ramon dekkers incontri

Ramon Dekkers soprannominato " IL DIAMANTE" è nato il a Breda(Olanda).Il sui curriculum è impressionante match, vinti, di cui 90 per K.O.E' stato 8 . Jun 15,  · Ramon Dekkers was born in Breda, Holland, a small rural community an hour south of Amsterdam. He was born on 4 September Ramon Dekkers is a man who enjoyed the challenge of fighting most of all. Ramon Dekkers was born on September 4, in Breda, Netherlands and passed away on February 2, in Breda. He was only 43 years old. He died while riding his bike from what is believed to be a heart attack (myocardial infarction). May 03,  · It occurred to me that plenty of people aren't familiar with Ramon Dekkers' striking. He was a pioneer of sorts, and REALLY amazing. I'm not saying Ramon would have been an MMA champ or anything (if he dedicated at it who knows!), but I think his particular style of Muay Thai would work really nicely in MMA.

Ramon dekkers incontri
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